Minecraft: Story Mode

An 8 episode adventure game series set in the Minecraft world.


Minecraft: Story Mode is set within a world inspired by Mojang's survival and building game Minecraft. The main character, Jesse, sets out on an adventure with his/her friends to find the Order of the Stone, four other adventurers who slew an Ender Dragon, in order to save their world.


Minecraft: Story Mode follows the traditional Telltale model of interactive storytelling mixed in with player choices. Like the other Telltale games, players converse with NPCs to find information that can move the story forward. Players must also locate items that can help them solve the puzzles of the game. Certain puzzles also require Minecraft-style crafting, placing items on a 3x3 grid, in order to progress. In a first for Telltale, players are able to customize how Jesse looks in the game, including the character's gender.


Episode 1: The Order of the Stone (October 13, 2015)

Jesse and his/her Minecraft friends seek out the Order of the Stone after a monster ravages the annual "Endercon" gathering.

Episode 2: Assembly Required (October 27, 2015)

Jesse and Axel or Olivia must seek out the remaining members of the Order of the Stone before time runs out.

Episode 3: The Last Place You Look (November 24, 2015)

Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place (December 22, 2015)

Episode 5: Order Up! (March 29, 2016)

As the New Order of the Stone, Jesse and his/her gang must help and lead the world as role models.

DLC Episodes

Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery (June 7, 2016)

Jesse and crew find themselves in a world that is overrun by zombies. With a timely invitation to take refuge in a spooky mansion, they find themselves thrown into a thrilling mystery.

Episode 7: Access Denied (July 26, 2016)

Continuing their portal journey in search of home, Jesse and crew land in a world entirely controlled by PAMA - a sinister "thinking machine" determined to command everyone and everything in pursuit of optimal usefulness and efficiency. Forced on the run to avoid capture and assimilation, you'll need to work with a new ally to defeat the corrupted computer and free the population it has enslaved.

Episode 8: A Journey's End? (September 13, 2016)

Jesse and crew are one step closer to home, but they will have to confront the leader of an ancient order and compete in gladiatorial games in order to get there.

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