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Quick Look: Life is Strange - Before the Storm

2017-09-18 28:24

Teens are insufferable, but if you stick with them long enough they do grow up.

Quick Look: Windjammers

2017-09-17 25:35 Quick Looks

We may not have flying cars but 2017 finally delivers the impossible with a re-release of Windjammers.

Best of Giant Bomb 132 - Keyblade...

2017-09-16 08:57 Best of Giant Bomb

Keys open doors.

Quick Look: NHL 18

2017-09-15 47:24

Resident hockey enthusiast, Jeff Bakalar, joins the team to showcase how very good everyone is at slapping some pucks.

Quick Look: Metroid: Samus Returns

2017-09-14 34:43 Quick Looks

She's back and hungry for missile upgrades and metroid juice.

Quick Look: A Robot Named Fight

2017-09-14 19:06 Quick Looks

It's like Metroid but with more teeth.

Giant Bombcast 498: Cat Spanker’s Alley

2017-09-12 48:57 Giant Bombcast

This week it’s hard to talk about anything besides Destiny 2, but we also touch on Fortnite’s Battlegrounds, the second coming of the NES Classic, bad YouTube behavior, worthless video game systems, Mario’s embrace of the bourgeoisie, and Kinects in casi...

Kingdom Heartache: Episode 6: Wind of the Forgotten Sorrow

2017-09-10 12:35

When you tell the squad that you can't come to the club because you have to defeat the Heartless.

Quick Look: West of Loathing

2017-09-10 27:02 Quick Looks

Little doggies Jeff and Ben get along long enough to take a look at this humorous adventure RPG.

Quick Look: The Escapists 2

2017-09-09 35:15 Quick Looks

Geology is the study of pressure and time. That's all it takes really... pressure and time. That, and being good at escaping from prison.