Super Robin Hood

Super Robin Hood is a platformer where you play as Robin Hood, the legendary Hero, and attempt to rescue Maid Marion from the castle of The Sheriff of Nottingham.

Super Robin Hood was published by Codemasters in 1985. It was developed by the then 17 year old twins  Philip and Andrew Oliver


The game is a relatively simple platformer. Gameplay involves running up and down ladders, jumping onto moving platforms and killing static crossbow wielding guards with your Bow and Arrows. 

Killing the guards is made into a simple timing based effort as you duck under their arrows and fire your own back using your only weapon, Robins trusty Bow and Arrow.
You also collect hearts, which allow you to complete the game by earning the love of Maid Marion and rescuing her from the clutches of the evil Sheriff. Collecting keys activates the various moving lifts that are present in many of the games rooms.


You are Robin Hood. Your quest is to run through The Sheriff of Nottingham's castle and rescue Maid Marion. The game starts out with you already in the castle.  Download Super Robin Hood Full Game