Robotron 64

A Nintendo 64 port of Robotron X, an update of the arcade classic Robotron 2084 that was released on PS1 and PC a month earlier.


Robotron 64 is a single player Action game, developed by Player 1 and Published by Crave Entertainment, released Jan 6th 1998. Robotron 64 is a port of the original Robotron X which was earlier released for the PC and PS1.


You are a scientist trapped in another dimension, Robotron is a mutated robot attempting to save the last human family while defending against evil robots trying to kill the last human family.


Regarding its control scheme Robotron 64 kept to its predecessor's control scheme where in which you control the movements with one control and attack with the other, there is also the option of using just the one control and using the C buttons as that other control.