Vectorman 2

The sequel to BlueSky Software's Vectorman. The sequel contains new levels and power ups.


Vectorman 2 is a run-and-gun action game for the Sega Genesis that was released exclusively in North America, perhaps due to how late it arrived in the Genesis's lifespan. It would eventually see its way onto the Steam platform in 2012 as well as appearing in multiple Sega compilations like Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. It was known at the time for its striking pre-rendered polygonal graphics, as Sega's answer to Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country series.

Like the first game, the player controls the titular "orbot"; a mechanical lifeform left behind by humans to clean up the garbage-strewn and polluted Earth for their eventual return. The sequel introduces new power-ups and "morphs": forms that Vectorman can take, useful for boss fights.