Mighty Final Fight

The 8-Bit adaptation of Final Fight featuring super-deformed style characters.


Might Final Fight is a spin-off of the 1989 arcade beat'em-up, Final Fight, for the Nintendo Entainment System in 1993 from Capcom. The spin-off features chibi style versions of the most of the characters from the original Final Fight. The game was also re-released in 2006 for the compilation, Capcom Classics Mini-Mix for the Game Boy Advance.


Haggar, finding out about the news about Jessica.
Haggar, finding out about the news about Jessica.

A more lighthearted approach was taken for this version of Final Fight than the serious nature of the original.

Belger, who is a cyborg, is in love with Mike Haggar's daughter, Jessica. He sends the Mad Gear gang to kidnap her so he can force her to marry him.

Mike, Cody, and Guy go off into the streets of Metro City to rescue Jessica. While they're off on their adventure they encounter members of the Mad Gear gang.


The game plays similar to any other beat'em up, but with some traits of its own. Mighty Final Fight features a leveling up system that can max out to six by earning experience points by defeating enemies

Haggar, piledriving his way to victory.
Haggar, piledriving his way to victory.

A certain amount of experience points can be earned depending on the finishing move. For example, Mike Haggar can earn one point by defeating an enemy with just a punch as the finishing move, four points can be earned by performing a German Suplex on enemies, and eight points by piledriving an enemy. When leveling up, the character's health meter will increase, and the character's offensive strength will rise. When leveling up to level four, the character earns a new special move. Mike Haggar's level meter will start off at level three. If the player loses all his or her lives, the player will lose a level and all the points earned for the next level will be reset to zero.

Items are presented for each of the characters in the game. Certain items can restore health for the player, others can add more experience points. Other items in Mighty Final Fight are weapons; a certain weapon is available for each of the characters. Mike received a hammer, Cody gets a knife, and Guy gets ninja throwing stars.

The character select screen.
The character select screen.

The player can pick one of three characters. Each character varies in terms of strength, speed and length of their health meter. Mike Haggar is the slowest, but the strongest, and has more attack moves in his arsenal. Guy's attack strength is the weakest, but he's also the fastest, he can also delver more hits in his combo attack. Cody is the most balanced character of the game.

There are two bonus stages in the game - it's a chance for the player to earn either more lives, continues, or experience points. The objective of the bonus stage is the player has to destroy oil drums that roll or bounce across the screen. Destroying a certain amount will result to either a item that will give more experience points or more continues; destroying all of them will result to two more lives added - which is more valuable than the continues.

The final fight.
The final fight.

The progression of the game is the player going through a stage while beating up and and all enemies that get in the way. Though it's not a easy as it seems, enemies will back away from the player, playing mind games with the player and baiting the player into a false attack. Once that happens, that's when the enemy goes for the attack. There are five stages in the Mighty Final Fight, each of them have a boss in the end.

Playable Characters

Mike Haggar - The Mayor of Metro City and the father of kidnapped victim, Jessica Haggar. He is also a former professional wrestler.

Cody Travers - Cody is the boyfriend of Mike Haggar's daughter, Jessica. He is a boxer/martial artist.

Guy - A Ninjutsu master and childhood friend of Cody Travers. Guy goes along with Cody and Mike to save Jessica from the Mad Gear gang.