Street Fighter EX2 Plus

The definitive version of Street Fighter EX2, adding new characters and more devastating super moves.


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Street Fighter EX2 Plus is a 2.5D fighting game developed by Arika and published by Capcom for arcades (running the PS1-based Sony ZN-2 hardware) on June 11, 1999.

An enhanced update to Street Fighter EX2, EX2 adds characters from the original Street Fighter EX (Pullum, Darun, and M. Bison), and three new characters: Muay-Thai master Sagat (from previous Street Fighter games), young French technologically-enhanced martial artist Area, and mysterious Italian martial artist Vulcano Rosso. This update also enhances the Excel system (by allowing players to connect moves to the same move) and adds a new gameplay mechanic: the Meteor Combo (which is a powerful Super Combo that requires a full gauge).

This version was later ported to the Sony PlayStation on December 1999, adding new game modes while adding a previously-removed character (Hayate) back as a secret character.


Along with all 18 characters from Street Fighter EX2 (minus Hayate), the game adds six playable characters (three of which are from the first EX and one of which is from previous Street Fighter games) and one unplayable opponent (used for a mini-game and the new playable credits fight).

To make up for the exclusion of Hayate, the game unlocks Nanase from the start. The PS1 version adds Hayate back in as a secret character.

New Characters

Returning Characters