A Superb puzzle game in which you have to rescue small little folks of Lullyat who have been kidnapped! As a hero you are, you are willing going to risk your life running around various dungeons with some gritty puzzles to keep you well occupied into the blissful darkness of night that you will surely be by the time you finish this game. Its a wonderfull world of puzzles which will keep you busy for hours and hours with game more addictive then any coke products you might have tasted in years past! The people from Lullyat may look like lemmings but BEWARE! not all of the nice friendly little people are nice! some have been turned into evil creatures just like the creature that kidnaped them. -Sigh-
ALL is not lost, as you have the ability in amongst all the puzzles your heart can take to change these evil Lullyat people back into their former self by usually solving several puzzles to have them walk past this special painting machine which will magicly turn your new fluffy friends back into good law abinding citizens!! well, citizens of Lullyat that is.
As you play through the numerous levels you'll quickly figure out that in order to save the people of Lullyat you have solve puzzles to get the keys that will unlock the once cute and free minions of Lullyat and while some have been stricken slightly mad by their capture, once healed will help you solve puzzles that you simply cannot do by yourself. The animations are you'd expect are cute and very well done along with some superb! and interesting puzzles this game really is puzzle games with your standard platform gameplay at is absolute best. You'll notice going through the numerous levels that there are a lot of Indiana Jones type scenario's which just make this gaming experience one to remember. Definitely worthy of a 5 Star rating in my book.