Jade Cocoon 2

Jade Cocoon 2 is the PS2 sequel to the original on the PS1. Collect and raise monsters to battle alongside you, the player, in the hopes of stopping the Kalma invasion.


Jade Cocoon 2 has players assuming the role of Kahu, a young man from the Nagi tribe who dreams of one day becoming a beast master. One day while searching a nearby forest for powerful monsters to fight, he stumbles across a young fairy named Nico, who in her confusion curses Kahu with a terrible plague. After some discussion, the fairy travels with Kahu in order to find the orbs from the elemental forests, whom the village chief, named Levant, believes might cure Kahu of his ailment.


Combat is turn based, with the player taking direct control over Kahu. Kahu himself participates in battle and can be equiped with a variety of weapons and armor. Kahu also has the ability to summon monsters he has collected to aid him in combat, with each monster having the ability to use magical attacks based on the 4 classical elements. A monster can merge with other monsters, creating a stronger monster with magical and physical characteristics of the monsters that spawned it.

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