Alundra 2

This is a 3D mix between a puzzle game and an rpg that involves the player in a battle against the baron and his gigi robots. It has a fun and classic hack and slash style of combat , and many mini games that keep you involved.


The plot of Alundra 2 takes place in a fantasy world different from its predecessor Alundra known as the Kingdom of Varuna. You play the role of Flint, a young pirate hunter who is wanted by the authority for supposed treason. He takes up his sword and vows to hunt the pirates who killed his parents. Throughout the story Flint uncovers the mystery which plagues the kingdom in how Mephisto, an evil sorcerer is using magical wind-up keys to turn creatures and people into corrupted machines. The games adventure takes you through a variety of different towns and dungeons.


Gameplay: Dungeon Level
Gameplay: Dungeon Level

The gameplay in Alundra a mix of action and adventure a heavy emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving. Visually the game is presented in full 3d and features a freely manipulative camera system which allows the player to both rotate the camera and select from an array of pre-set angles. The general aim of the game is progressing throughout the kingdom through different towns and dungeons with the ability to backtrack to open new areas with newly acquired spells or skills. The game features boss fights, a variety of mini-games and in game voiced cut scenes.

Soundtrack List

The soundtrack was released on the 18th of December, 1999. It was composed by Kohei Tanaka and its total duration is 01:10:15.

Track NumberTitleLength
1Carry On Everyday2:06
2Soldier Boy Frit1:28
3Demon Doll1:42
43 Members of the Zukkoke Pirates1:14
5Imminent Crisis0:44
6Shock! A Demon Evolves Before Us1:03
7Quiet Town3:26
9Journey to Vanilla Kingdom0:52
10Momomoke Forest2:24
11Demon Doll's Airship Crashes1:29
12Battle with Demon Doll2:00
13Ox Tank Attacks0:33
14Villager's Tragedy1:44
15Sword Kin Jiken1:30
16Bullfighting in Gyuu York1:05
17Web Rock1:48
18Martini's Trap3:42
19Go on the Mine Cart!1:07
20Pirates of Puerto Medusa1:53
21Who Changed Me into a Jellyfish Like This?1:37
22Magic Knight Belgar1:37
23I Want to Protect Papa1:22
24Count Destoll Nijadoll1:40
25Vanilla Capital1:58
26Sunken Ship1:58
27Ancient Ruins1:53
28Ruins of Guardian God2:02
29Island of Paradise2:23
30Giant Demon Neji Star-Twister0:19
31Dragon Volcano1:56
32Dragon Island1:54
33To the Arion Sky1:03
34Fly Over Vanilla Kingdom1:20
35Confrontation with Demon Destoll2:22
36Ultimate From of Mephisto Machine2:57
37Hope for the Future2:44
38I'm Home5:26