Wacky Wheels

A kart racing game featuring a variety of anthropomorphic animals.


The beginning of a race.
The beginning of a race.

A Mario Kart inspired game that was first released for DOS in 1994.

Players get an assortment of animals to race as, with varying abilities in terms of top speed and acceleration and weight. The eight-player races take place in a variety of colourful environments. There are weapon power-ups for speed boosts and oil slicks and rockets for taking out opponents.

Mutliplayer mode features taunt keys that spawn a chubby red demon that obscures the opponent's view while making an assortment of gestures.

The game also features combat tracks, as well as timed score levels where players try to hit as many ducks scattered around the arenas as possible before the time runs out.


A remake of the game by Cascadia Games is planned for release sometime in 2014 for PC, Mac, and iOS devices.