Mermaids of Atlantis: The Riddle of The Magic Bubble

This unlicensed NES puzzle game is the censored version of Bubble Bath Babes.


Mermaids of Atlantis: A Riddle of a Magic Bubble is a 1991 puzzle game for NES published by American Video Entertainment. It is an unlicensed title, and is actually a censored version of an earlier unlicensed title, Bubble Bath Babes. Clusters of multi colored bubbles travel up the screen and the player has to try to get groups of four or more of the same color to clear those bubbles and score points. This can cause some neighboring bubbles to move upward, creating situations that allow for multiple combos. 


  • Two Player Mode
  • Four Stages
  • Three Difficulty Levels
  • Five Speed Levels
  • Three Different Background Tunes