Pac-Man enters the lucrative world of falling block puzzles.


Pac-Attack is a Pac-Man spin-off, in the same vein as Tetris and/or Dr Mario. It is based somewhat on Namco's earlier game Cosmo Gang: The Puzzle, an Arcade and Super Famicom game released the previous year.

Pac-Attack has been released on many different systems. The original version was released on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis in late 1993, closely followed by the Game Boy and Game Gear versions. An enhanced port was released on the Philips CD-i with the name Pac-Panic. It has also been released in many Namco and Pac-Man compilations, and the SNES version was rereleased on the Wii's Virtual Console.


 Pac-Attack Screen
Pac-Attack Screen

The object of the game is to clear rows of blocks by getting them into straight lines; however, most of the falling puzzle pieces also have ghosts attached which take up valuable space where blocks could be stored. The solution to this problem is Pac-Man himself. Every once in a while a Pac-Man piece will fall, and all the ghosts on the board will turn blue. If the Pac-Man piece is situated in an area where he can easily catch any ghosts he will remove them from the grid.

The game offers a standard "Normal Mode" in which the game plays out as described above, as well as a "Puzzle" mode in which the player is given a limited number of Pac-Man to eat the various ghosts.

Critical Reception

When the SNES version was released Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the review scores of 8,7,7,8 and 8 out of ten. Mike Weigand wrote, "No, don't laugh, just try it! This game looks like nothing but once you start playing you will not be able to stop! The three games are addictive, and the two-player competition will have you and a friend playing until you drop!".