Tetris Worlds

Play and explore different worlds in six different modes, in this iteration of the classic puzzle game, Tetris.


Tetris with 6 different modes changing up the classic puzzle game. Includes Hold mechanic (saving a piece to swap) and Easy Spin (spin blocks forever). Includes an actual story of saving the Minos from the dying planet of Hadar 4 by terraforming 6 other planets for them to populate.


The basic gameplay is the same as it is in just about every other iteration of Tetris: Make horizontal lines of blocks to earn points. The main difference of this iteration is the addition of other modes of play, and some slight tweaks to the mechanics to make it more accessible to beginners, such as the addition of the hold, and ghost options. 
The former allows the player to hold onto a block they don't need for later, while the latter allows the player to see where exactly the block will land and how it'll look when placed. Both options can be toggled on or off, if the player so desires.

Game Modes

Tetris Worlds features six different modes of play, each can be played with up to four players. The six modes are:
  • Shocking Tetris!
    Shocking Tetris!
    Tetris - 15 levels of classic Tetris action.
  • Square Tetris - 4x4 Blocks cleared are worth more lines.
  • Cascade Tetris - Blocks fall after lines are made.
  • Sticky Tetris - Clear Bottom Line of Matrix, like colored block stick together.
  • Hot Line Tetris - Lines only count on designated lines on the Matrix.
  • Popular Tetris (GBA Exclusive) - A secret mode only accessible by imputing a code. This mode discards the ghost, and hold features in favor of the gameplay from the original Tetris.