World Soccer '94: Road to Glory

A fast-paced soccer game played on a 3D pitch. The SNES version is known as "World Soccer" in Japan, "Striker" in Europe, "World Soccer '94: Road to Glory" in North America and "Eric Cantona Football Challenge" in France.


World Soccer '94: Road to Glory is a soccer game best known as Striker in Europe. It was originally released on the Amiga and Atari ST computers, and was ported to DOS, Amiga CD32, Genesis and SNES. The SNES release changed the name for each region: World Soccer '94: Road to Glory in the US, World Soccer in Japan, Striker for most of Europe and Eric Cantona's Football Challenge in France.

The first game in the cult Striker series, this game features fast paced soccer similar to Sensible Soccer although Striker uses a 3D top-down view. The game has sixty-four selectable International teams that range from Brazil to Qatar. Every team is editable from the options menu.

The game was followed by multiple sequels. World Cup Striker (known as Elite Soccer in the US) came out for the Super Nintendo the following year. Striker Pro, Striker World Cup Special and Striker '96 are all from the same series as well.


  • Super Cup: A straight knockout tournament featuring all sixty-four teams
  • Tournament Mode: The same as the Super Cup but the user can select the teams involved
  • League Mode: A custom league made up of as many or as little teams. Everyone plays each other twice
  • Indoor Soccer: The option to play the game on a shorter, in-door pitch. Here the games were more frantic as pretty much everyone played striker with little in the way of defence.


Striker has one of the largest selections of national teams of any Arcade-style soccer game. They include: