Every Extend

Take control of a guided bomb and strategically blow yourself up to cause chain reactions and rack up points, as you dodge enemies and defeat giant bosses in order to acheive the highest score possible.


Every Extend is a freeware PC game created by Japanese game designer Kanta Matsuhisa under her “ Omega” pseudonym. It is the forerunner to the more well known games Every Extend Extra and Every Extend Extra Extreme, both of which were developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment with input from Kanta Matsuhisa.


Although the game itself does not contain any story to speak of, the game's manual does include the following:

One day suddenly,you receive 12 UCHU- guided bombs. What do you do?

No thank you. No increase so much!

Less time to play. Soon the game is over.so No thanks.

Therefore I can't use so much.

Oh, no more. To make a sortie,give me a turn. Here.

Why do you increase!? No more increse. No more!

I can't make full use. Too many! Too many! Give me a turn.

Ohhh! Ohh ! Why increase SO MORE? It becomes a terrible thing!

How many bombs!? No! No! I CAN'T USE!

Do you listen? No more! Why increase! NO! NO!

Who in the world use so many bombs! No more. Already enough!

Hey,PLEASE no increase! You listen!?

NO NO MORE! STOP STOP! No increase! It's enough!


What are you doing!? Increase,no increase,or WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

HEY! Really what are you doing!? Soon it's overflow! Terrible!



With a familiar control scheme (arrow keys to move, Z key to attack) and scenario (enemies appear from the edges of the screen; the player must kill them to gain points) Every Extend is most easily classified as a shooter. However, while the game may superficially appear to resemble a number of similar games, it has one core mechanic which sets it apart from other shooters: rather than destroying enemies by shooting them, the player blows up their own ship in order to explode nearby foes and, with luck, set off chain reactions to kill enemies further away. However, as the player does not have an infinite supply of lives, they must earn more by accumulating points and collecting items which are left behind by destroyed enemies.

At the start of a stage, a timer begins to count down from two and a half minutes towards zero, although this can be extended a little by the collection of certain items dropped by enemies. When the timer reaches a certain time, a large boss enemy will appear. If the player can defeat this boss before they run out of lives or time they will complete the stage and earn bonus points for any lives or time they have remaining. Should the player run out of lives or time before they manage to defeat the boss though, the game will be over.

Game modes

The game features two game modes, light mode and heavy mode. As one might expect, heavy mode is the harder of the two. This is mostly because the fact that destroyed enemies leave bullets behind them that the player must dodge. Heavy mode also features an alternative boss, which the player can face if they fullfill one of the following during the session:

  • The player has collected seven quickens and have at least five lives remaining. The score must be either above 800,000 or below 100,000.
  • The player has managed to collect more than seven quickens.


  • Easy Mode: AKR I-C-E
    The player faces of against AKR I-C-E's first form, Spread Sword
    The player faces of against AKR I-C-E's first form, Spread Sword

    This boss has three forms and each of them can be defeated by a direct attack from the player. Attacks via chained explosions gives a score bonus.
  • Heavy Mode: KW MOTOR
    This boss has four forms and each of them can be defeated by a direct attack from the player. Attacks via chained explosions gives a score bonus.
  • Heavy Mode Alternative Boss: A-BA HEDRON
    This boss has five forms. The first four forms must be defeated via chain attacks, and each new form demands a longer chain. The last form can be defeated via a direct attack.


Every Extend got two sequels, Every Extend Extra and Every Extend Extra Extreme. Both of these were developed by Q Entertainment and got commercial releases for PSP and XBLA respectively. These sequels features a more beat driven soundtrack, whereas the tracks in the original are more melody focused.

Q Entertainment supposedly learned of Every Extend when one employee skipped work for several days when he stayed home and played the game.