Double Hawk

John and Jack attempt to take down the terrorists responsible for the worldwide wave of violence.

Developed by Opera House this arcade style shoot'em up was released in 1990 for Sega Master System.


Set in the 90s, the story centres around John Jackson and Jack Thomas, Two commandos, who are selected by the UN to take down a terrorist organisation which is responsible for propagating a global wave of violence.


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The game is a rail shooter in which players control cross-hairs and kill wave after wave of enemy. The game features 20 levels broken down into 5 missions of 4 levels each. Each Mission takes place in a different setting. They are; Jungle, Wastelands, Village, Beach and Mountain. The 4th level in each mission is a boss fight. The gameplay is very similar to Capcom's Cabal.

Enemies vary from terrorist soldiers to vehicles such as tanks and helicopters.


In co-op mode when a player loses all of their lives they start using the other players. (e.g If Player 1 were to run out of lives, he would respawn and use the lives of player 2).