Madden NFL 2003

A football game from EA sports. With commentary from John Madden & Al Michaels and St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk on the cover.


Madden 2003 was a notable entry in the Madden series for many reasons. It was the first Madden game to include online play, exclusively on the PS2. Al Michaels replaced Pat Summerall as the in-game commentator. Gamers could also customize player formations, receiver routes and entire playbooks for the first time.

The game had a less serious approach then some of the later games, including humorous fictional teams with full stats.


Andrew W.K. - "Party Hard"

Audiovent - "The Energy"

Dry Cell - "Body Crumbles"

Epidemic - "Walk Away"

Good Charlotte - "The Anthem"

Hed PE - "Suck It Up"

Bon Jovi - "Everyday"

Nappy Roots - "Awnaw" (Rock Remix featuring Marcos Curiel of P.O.D.)

OK Go - "Get Over It"

Quarashi - "Mr. Jinx"

Seether - "Fine Again"