Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Race against your favorite Mario characters on tracks resembling locations in the Mario universe. Use a wide array of power-ups and weapons to gain the upper hand and become the kart racing champion.


The title screen for the game.
The title screen for the game.

The sole title of the acclaimed kart racing series to show up on the Game Boy Advance, Mario Kart Super Circuit once again pits the Nintendo characters against one another in a frantic battle of item tossing and speed boosting to reach the finish first. This game is the third title in the Mario Kart series, preceded by Mario Kart 64 and followed by Mario Kart: Double Dash!! on the GameCube. This games features and combines the elements from the previous games in the series. The game was released on July 21 in Japan, August 27 in North America and September 14 in Europe. Super Circuit is also the first game in the series to be on a handheld.


As with most racing games the goal is to finish first. All of the races within the game have eight characters to play with. In the game, the player can pick up items which are contained within item boxes. For the player these items are very useful however the AI-controlled players can also use the items against the player. Coins are dropped onto the course so that players can speed up to their top speed for the character. If a player has 0 coins and comes in contact with another racer they spin out of control.

The game contains five different cups. Each cup has four different race courses. These cups are called Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Lightning Cup, Star Cup and Special Cup. If a player had collected 100 coins within a specific cup they could unlock the Extra Cup. This cup contained extra cups from Super Mario Kart, the first game in the series. With these courses added in, this game had contained the most courses within any other game in the series. If a gold trophy was collected with a Cup the title screen would change to a sunset. If there are three star ratings on all the cups for each engine class, the title screen would change to night and be accompanied with a new tune.





Game Modes

This game has four different game modes. All of these modes were accessed by a single player expect for the battle mode. In battle mode four players could participate using a "Game Boy Advance Link" cable with the cartridge. But all players that would be using the single cartridge mode would only be limited to selecting from four courses from Super Mario Kart and can only use Yoshi and different colors of him.

Grand Prix

In the Grand Prix mode, a single player or two players would race against the AI. The player chooses a Cup and the fours courses to play within the Cup. The player earns points by finishing in the first four positions of the race. If the player finishes in fifth or lower then the player must restart the race. The player can restart the race up to three times before they are unable to restart the race again. If two players are playing the game moves onto the next race if one player finishes in the first four places. At the end of the Grand Prix, the player with the most points will win.

Time Trial

Players can race to get the best times on each course without any obstacles After achieving a best time they can save ghost data onto the trial course. Players are given three mushrooms each to use during the time trial.

Quick Run

This mode is a one player mode unique to this game. Players can race on any the tracks within the game without any restrictions or regulations. Players can alter the number of laps, appearance of coins and item boxes by pressing select before accessing the mode.

VS Mode

Up to four players can race against each other without any AI controlled opponents on any course.

Battle Mode

Up to four players are given three balloons and must use items against other opponents to take them out. Once all three balloons are lost, the player loses. If there are more than two players, the player is turned into a bomb. Bombs can run into other opponents for damage, and once exploded, they are respawned on the course and can charge at other players until a winner is decided.


Depending on the players performance in the Grand Prix they will achieve a rank. This can include "Triple Star" being the highest rank to "E" the, lowest rank.


Mushroom CupFlower CupLightning CupStar CupSpecial Cup
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Shy Guy BeachBoo LakeSky GardenRibbon RoadBroken Pier
Riverside ParkCheese LandCheep-Cheep IslandYoshi DesertBowser Castle4
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