Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus is an Xbox-exclusive fighting game designed by Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias after departing Midway to form Studio Gigante.


Tao Feng is set in Metro China, where there is a raging conflict among two factions; the Pale Lotus and the Black Mantis. Both factions are fighting over two tablets that have the location of the treasures of the Pale Lotus temple inscribed on them. Whoever posses the treasure of the Pale Lotus temple can then be granted immortality by the gods in exchange for the treasures.


Tao Feng boasts many features never before seen in any fighting game.

Lifelike Fighting:

Fighters develop bruises, broken bones, and cuts in real time throughout the fight. Hitting a player in a certain limb enough times will break the bone weakening the characters ability to fight back. Characters clothes also show damage over the course of time with cuts and tears.

Interactive Environments:

Players will be able to interact with the stages and use them as a weapon. Players will be able to throw enemies through doors, glass cases and even the floor. Players can also use the environment to escape, flipping off walls and climbing up poles can help a trapped player escape.

Chi Attacks:

Players can build up Chi during the fight then unleash it in a powerful attack, Or If the player has broken bones and other bruises they can use the built up Chi to heal their wounds.


Pale Lotus

Black Mantis

The final boss in the game is Zhao Yen.


Environments in Tao Feng are unique in that each environment holds two stages. Some stages are accessed through knocking a player through a wall or hitting them through the floor or ceiling, while others can just be entered by walking to the edges of the screen.

Metro China Pier.

Stages: Boardwalk, Arcade.

Metro China

Stages: Rooftop, Street.

Museum Of Natural History

Stages: Arms & Armor Hall, Main Lobby.

Heidan Sanctuary

Stages: Courtyard, Training Room.

Yan Lo Tower

Stages: Main Lobby, Penhouse

Souther Pole

Stages: Archaeologiacal Dig, Shipwreck.


To unlock the stage Ethereal Plane Of Immortality the player must complete advance training mode with any character.

To unlock playable Zhao Yen the player must complete quest mode with all members of the Pale Lotus and Black Mantis and defeat Zhao Yen.