International Karate +

International Karate + is a 2D martial arts fighting game.


Created by British developer Archer Maclean, International Karate + built on the formula established by International Karate, its prequel. The numerous improvements included the adding of a third fighter on screen. Only two of these three could be controlled and each fighter only differed in the colour of their gi. The game was fought over rounds, presented in a 2D fighting arena with a Japanese feel.

Characters are controlled with a keyboard or joystick, through a combination of direction and a single button press in a manner similar to modern day equivalents. The original soundtrack was composed by Rob Hubbard.

Whilst a fondly remembered fighting game per se, it is perhaps best known for the British humour laced through-out. Examples included in the Amiga and Atari ST versions were pressing "T" to make all the trousers of the fighters fall down. The typing of other key words would cause a sunset or a bird to fly by. Typing a swear word of common parlance would illicit an on screen warning to desist, persisting to type curse words would cause the game to reset to its title screen.