A comedic sci-fi interactive text adventure


Planetfall is an Infocom text-based adventure game, written by Steve Meretzky. As with other Infocom text adventure games, there are no graphics - the user inputs simple commands to navigate through the story.

The original release included what Infocom refered to as "feelies"; materials from the game world that the player could interact with physically, including an ID badge, postcards, and other memorabilia. The direct sequel, Stationfall, was released in 1987.


Planetfall follows the story of a low grade Ensign on a starcraft, who is forced to crash land in an escape pod on a nearby planet. The main character is joined by a robot character named Floyd, who stays with the title character for the duration of the game. Gameplay revolves around puzzle solving to move through various locations, assisted by, and occasionally hampered by Floyd.

The game was very well received, and helped launch Meretzky's career, which would include numerous other Infocom games in the early-mid eighties. The Floyd sidekick in particular struck a chord with players, and is often remembered as one of the first video game characters that evoked an emotional attachment.