Super Adventure Island II

The second Adventure Island game for the SNES. Unlike its predecessors, it mixed platforming with non-linear exploration similar to Super Metroid or Wonder Boy.


Super Adventure Island II is a 1994 action platformer and the sequel to the original Super Adventure Island. Master Higgins (Takahashi Meijin) is once again on a quest to save Tina, except a malevolent storm at sea has given them both amnesia while on their honeymoon. Tina was about to marry the King of Waku-Waku Island before she was kidnapped on her (second) wedding day, and Master Higgins was close at hand to respond to the abduction.

While previous Adventure Island games are platformers with linear stage progressions, Super Adventure Island 2 is closer to Super Metroid (or the standard "Metroidvania" model) where Master Higgins explores the island chain and completes stages as he unlocks abilities. Certain switches can be pushed to activate blocks with the same symbol, and that produces more paths for Master Higgins to follow.

For a long time, Super Adventure Island II was the last Adventure Island game ever produced, though this streak was broken by the 2009 WiiWare game Adventure Island: The Beginning.

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