Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation

Jump into a sports car and stop the criminals from escaping. This sequel to Chase HQ adds the ability to shoot guns at criminals from the sunroof.


Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation is a Taito Arcade vehicular combat game and the follow-up to their earlier Chase HQ. Once again, the player and their partner are chasing down criminals in speeding vehicles, using their own vehicle to damage the perpetrator's car until they are forced to come to a stop. In addition, the player must contend with other criminals on the road, including bikers that throw molotovs at the player's vehicle.

The game was converted to home computers in 1991 by Ocean Software, releasing for the Atari ST, PC, Amiga, C64 and ZX Spectrum. A separate version was created for the PC Engine exclusively in Japan the same year. The following year, the game was released on the Sega Master System. In 2008, the PC Engine version of the game was added to the Japanese Wii's Virtual Console. The game should not be confused with the Sega Genesis Chase H.Q. II, which is really an enhanced remake of the original game.