Fightin' Spirit

Fightin' Spirit is a 2D fighting game for Amiga and Amiga CD32.


Fightin' Spirit developed in 1996 by Light Shock and published by neo Software is a fighting game similar to Street Fighter II. It was first released for the enhanced Amiga machines(namely Amiga 1200/4000) as an AGA version and later ported to the Amiga 500 as an ECS version. The CD32 version is identical to the AGA version. The AGA and CD32 versions support 256 on-screen colors at a resolution of 320x256 instead of the 32 on-screen colors at a lower resolution used in the ECS version. Apart from that, there are no big differences between the three versions at all.

AGA version (Amiga 1200)
AGA version (Amiga 1200)
ECS version (Amiga 500)
ECS version (Amiga 500)


In Fightin' Spirit you have the choice between ten main plus two hidden fighters with their special moves and various attack styles. The two hidden characters(Jenshi Yamamoto and Shiro Asuka) can be enabled by a cheat. Every fighter has four special moves which can be executed by a certain joystick/pad combination. The characters are accompannied by their various attractive backgrounds and animations. You can either fight in a VS battle(single fight against an human opponent), a team match or a tournament(up to eight human players can join a tournament). But the most interesting part is to fight in the story mode. Here you can pick one of the characters and join the Supreme Warriors Tournament where you can defeat Jenshi Yamamoto, the boss of the Hikawa secret organisation.


NameDescriptionSpecial Moves
Burke Mortlock
Burke Mortlock

A mercenary from Arizona, USA.

He don't likes Orientals. The

Japanese Yakuza hired him to

eliminate Jenshi Yamamoto

so he has to join the Supreme

Warriors Tournament to fulfil

his task.

Fire Boom

Scorpion Fist

Mirror Shade

Spinning Uppercut

Eric Windsor
Eric Windsor

Easy Rider and fraternal friend

of Kento Sazaki.

He is also the ex-fiance of

Sheila Nash.

Wave Blaster

Death Smash

Shock Kick

Hyper Hawk

Jenshi Yamamoto
Jenshi Yamamoto

One of the two hidden players

in the game and endboss of the

Supreme Warrior Tournament.

He is also the boss of the

Hikawa secret organisation

which experiments with genetics

to create new lifeforms.

Fatal Destiny

Dragon Soul

Demon Sword


Kento Sazaki
Kento Sazaki

Very good friend of

Eric Windsor and Sheila Nash.

Jenshi Yamamoto killed his

master Kamonji so he

participates in the Supreme

Warrior Tournament to

revenge the dead of his master.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Breath

Hyper Kick

Power Blow

Lorents O'donnel
Lorents O'donnel

Rich contractor and former

chief of a criminal organisation

destroyed by Jenshi Yamamoto.

Now he is craving for revenge.

Mortal Puma

Fast Kick

Energy Blast

Puma Assault


He is Jenshi Yamamoto's

right arm and a creation of the

Hikawa geneticists who mixed up

the DNA of a human being to the

one of a tiger. But he is even

unpredictable for Jenshi.

Wharlus Breath

Tiger Claw

Wharlus Attack

Wharlus Spin

Sheila Nash
Sheila Nash

She is a C.I.A. secret agent

and works as a dolphin

instructor in Miami but this

job serves only as a cover-up.

Eric Windsor is her ex-fiance.

Dolphin Spirit

Sea Wave

Sea Star

Sea Storm Kick

Shiro Asuka
Shiro Asuka

He and Kento Sazaki were the

best apprentices of

Master Kamonji and he was

once a very successfull fighter

at tournaments but then he

dissapeared. Maybe he will

appear again when the Supreme

Warriors Tournament starts.

Burning Tiger

Hell Flame

Rolling Blade

Crazy Blade


Not much is known about the

master of the great Orion school

but rumors say that he trained

Jenshi Yamamoto and joins now

the Supreme Warriors Tournament

to defeat his former apprentice.

Cobra Fire

Rings Fire

Body Attack

Monkey Attack

Tong Lee
Tong Lee

Another one who wants

to take revenge of

Jenshi Yamamoto.

Jenshi once defeated him

in a tournament.

Dread Tiger

Flying Blast

Burning Blade

Burning Uppercut


Very aggressive and

intelligent creature.

Jenshi Yamamoto and his men

caught him in the deep of a

cavern in the amazonian forest.

Caox Flame

Crunch Run

Reptile Soul

Flying Caox Flame

Yuri Hishimoto
Yuri Hishimoto

Former apprentice of master

Shuzar. He wants to take back

the Sacred Golden Stick of

Okkaido which was stolen by

Jenshi Yamamoto and his guys.

The only way to do this is to join

the Supreme Warriors

Tournament and defeat Jenshi.

Dragon Uppercut

Dragon Roll

Hurricane Blade

Chain Smash


Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Japan: Hikawa Temple
Japan: Hikawa Temple

USA: Arizona
USA: Arizona

USA: Miami Beach
USA: Miami Beach

USA: Mount Rushmore
USA: Mount Rushmore

USA: New York
USA: New York