Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within

A girl with multiple personalities, a hatchet-wielding demon, and a famous curse are the main focus of this game...A world of folklore and psychological thrills awaits those who play.


Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within, known in Japan as Clock Tower: Ghost Head, is a spin-off to the Clock Tower series and is the third entry in the franchise despite the game's American title. The Struggle Within is the first entry in the series to not feature Jennifer Simpson as a main character and instead follows a 16 year-old Alyssa Hale as she finds her relatives falling under the curse of the Maxwell Family. The game was developed by Human Entertainment for the PlayStation and was released in Japan on March 12, 1998 followed a year later by Agetec's North American release on October 31, 199.


Alyssa being attacked!
Alyssa being attacked!

The gameplay in Clock Tower 2 is similar to the first games, with a slightly heavier emphasis on puzzles and item collecting. The game still uses a point and click interface, with the inventory on the top of the screen. This time, you're being hunted by more than one crazy murderer: a psychotic zombified girl named Stephanie, her zombified brother, Michael, and various other psychos and zombies.

Most of the game still consists of running through a house, evading mostly invulnerable enemies by hiding under or in furniture, or using your environment against them. This time, however, you share your body with Bates, your alternate personality. Bates is a tough guy, and, unlike Alyssa, he can use guns, which are placed sparingly throughout the game and allow you to get rid of an enemy easily.

Alyssa can switch personalities with Bates by dropping her amulet somewhere (picking it up will turn you back to Alyssa). Bates and Alyssa will trigger different events in the story and can pick up or use different items. This element is important, because the game has a staggering 13 different endings. Seemingly inconsequential actions can largely affect the ending.


  • Alyssa Hale: Alyssa is the main character in Clock Tower 2. She is a 17 year old school girl who has been having dark visions of murder. Alyssa's father was never around much, but when she was young he gave her an amulet. The game opens as Alyssa is heading to her uncle's house.
  • Bates (Mr. Bates): Alyssa's alter-ego. He is cold blooded and ruthless, the dark side of Alyssa. He is only able to take control of their body when Alyssa is not holding her amulet. He is shown to be very protective of Alyssa, usually not coming out unless she is in danger, even without the amulet.
  • Philip Tate: Alyssa's uncle. He is the director of the Memorial Pharmaceuticals Research Lab. The first scenario of the game takes place in his home.
  • Allen Hale: Alyssa's father. He worked with Philip at the Memorial Pharmaceuticals Research Lab, until George Maxwell appeared and took his position.
  • Alex Corey: A detective who never does much. He is a snob, and only appears when the timing suits him, usually at the end of scenarios.
  • Shannon Lewis: Allen Hale's other daughter. When her parents divorced, her mother took full custody of her. Her mother soon died of illness, and Shannon was raised by relatives. She grows to hate her father Allen, and Alyssa.
  • George Maxwell: The oldest son of the Maxwell family. Took over Allen's position at the Research Lab, and is regarded as a scientific genius.