SaGa Frontier 2

Sequel to the non-linear Playstation RPG, SaGa Frontier. SaGa Frontier and SaGa Frontier II are part of the SaGa Franchise, which enjoys more popularity in Japan and originated with SaGa on the Gameboy.

SaGa Frontier 2 is likely most memorable for its vibrant, watercolor-style visuals. Gameplay-wise, it resembles many of the SaGa titles before it, with strictly turn-based battles and multiple stories to follow being two of the series' mainstays.
Unlike Square's more marquee series, Final Fantasy, the core of the battle system has remained speed-based--in other words, similar to Dragon Quest and the first three Final Fantasy games where all character commands are queued up at the beginning of each combat round. They are then doled out in conjunction with enemy attacks, with the actual order of attacks being determined by the speed stat of the combatants.
As is commonplace throughout the series, characters in SaGa Frontier 2 aren't limited to just equipping a single weapon; instead they're afforded two, which can be chosen freely to attack with. (The first two SaGa games in the series, release for the Gameboy, allowed characters to equip even more than two weapons; in some cases, characters could choose to equip up to eight weapons with no armor.)
SaGa Frontier 2 also employed three different types of battle scenarios that were mostly dictated by the story. One-on-one battles and strategic battles accompanied the more widely recognized team battles (your party versus a group of enemies).