Deadly Moves

Also known as "Power Moves", Deadly Moves is a 2D fighter where a martial artist (simply named Joe) must train worldwide with seven unique martial arts masters to become the best fighter.


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Deadly Moves (known in the SNES version as Power Moves, known in Japan as Power Athlete) is a 2D belt-scrolling fighting game developed by System Vision and published by Kaneko for the Genesis on August 14, 1992 and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on January 1993.

A standard post-Street Fighter II fighting game, Deadly Moves features a simplistic three-button system (likely designed to comply with the classic Genesis control scheme) and a movement system similar to beat 'em ups (using a dedicated jump button and free movement for sidestepping).

The single-player story mode tells the tale of Joe, an American martial artist who trains worldwide with seven masters of different martial arts to become the best fighter in the world and dethrone the champion of a new unique fighting sport. This mode allows the player to go through each master in any order, upgrading Joe's fighting stats depending on their opponent.


The game includes eight playable fighters and one final boss (who is only playable in the Genesis version with a cheat code). In 1P Mode, only Joe is playable.