Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2

Digital Devil Saga 2 sees the members of the embattled Embryon tribe experience true Nirvana in this direct sequel that adds new characters, overhauls the mantra grid, and closes the storyline in truly universal fashion.


Note: Significant plot points 
As a precursor to the events of the game, the player is told that the world is made from data at a quantum level, which is found out in the original Digital Devil Saga. The members of the  Embryon tribe, the players team, are in the Junkyard having been saved by the intervention of God and given bodies to be able to exist in the real world. Waking, they see that the sun has been turned dark, similar to an eclipse, and turns those without the Demon Virus to stone. Only three of the members of the Embryon tribe are in the Junkyard (Serph, Argilla and Gale) as Cielo had been kidnapped by the Lokapala resistance group. After fighting through the Junkyard the player meets the Leader of the Lokapala, Roland, and convinces him that they can help defeat the Karma Society. 
Managing to get into the Karma Society's City, the Embryon trys to rescue a former member, Sera from the Medical Ward in the Detention Facility. Their plans are abated by former member Heat, how is been controlled by Madame Cuvier. A second attempt to rescue Sera is made at the E.G.G. facility, made to try to communicate with God, but are once again affronted by Heat trying to stop the rescue. After a heated battle Heat injures Serph and as a result both are dragged into the E.G.G. reactor just as God is trying to envelop and consume the planet. Jenna Angel, the main antagonist from the last game, kills Madame Cuvier and the rest of the Embryon tribe attempts and fails to stop the reactor.  
As a result of a failure to stop E.G.G. Jenna Angel releases Meganada into the residence of the Junkyard hoping to spread it to the entire human race, but Roland and Cielo sacrifice themselves to stop this from happening. After this, the tribe enters the new E.G.G. structure and finds Heat's new form caused by the the E.G.G. and seeing that Seph is still alive, saved by the E.G.G. The tribe then learns about the past events that caused the events in the game. It is explained that Sera was a project of the Karma Society had scientists working on a project to create a subject that could communicate with God. Most of the subjects were destroyed by extreme mental pressure, the soul survivor was Sera. A man named Heat O'Brien opposed the project and the way another man Serph Sheffield's treatment of the children. The two fought and Sera was subject to this and saw the real personality of Serph. Due to the project causing a strong link between Sera and God, God "saved" most of those who were killed by Serph as data and recreated into a the Junkyard, which was supposed to be a paradise but when the military found it they wanted it to be used for training thus destroying the tranquillity of the paradise, as AI to deal with the trauma.
Serph was confronted by two pieces of data Serph Sheffield and an AI Serph. Then the data of Heat O'Brien appeared to guild Serph and tells him that he must defeat these two to be free from his past and requesting that he release the AI Heat. After defeating the data, who turned into Varuna (Serph's Atma Avatar) both Serph and Heat escape and Serph meets up with the rest of the tribe after Heat tells him to go and see them and promptly dies due to a wound Serph gave him.
Sera remembers another facility that they could use to reach God, called HAARP. The only way to get to the facility was through an abandoned airport where the tribe is confronted by Karma soldiers that were sent by Jenna Angel. There was a need to sacrifice many of the tribe but Serph and Sera were able to escape to HAARP facility. Once at the facility the two attempt to reach God and to support Sera, Serph holds her hand. There is a massive surge in data causes explosions throughout the facility, killing both Sera and Serph. There data is merged together when they are sent to the sun and they form Seraph. When they reach the sun they are united with the data of the rest of the tribe. After passing through all of the levels of the sun and defeating Brahman, Embryon is able to calm God and send the sun back to its original state. Seraph, as the only one to reach enlightenment, through realising that it was one with God, was able to retain its original body and travel to Nirvana while those of the Embryon who couldn't reach enlightenment were sent back to the world, reincarnated as children on the new formed planet.        

Can we party with him? No wait, where are you going?
Can we party with him? No wait, where are you going?
Digital Devil Saga 2 is an RPG released by Atlus for the PlayStation 2 and is a direct sequel to the first game, Digital Devil Saga. It shares most of the gameplay of the original while adding in some new concepts like equippable rings that boast various effects and frenzies that depend on the phase of the sun. It also adds in new characters to tie up the storyline. 


 In Digital Devil Saga the player can buy and equip special objects to the characters called Mantras. These allow the characters to learn different skills depending on what they have equipped. The mantras are set up in a hexagonal format so the player has to work their was through low level mantras to get at their stronger counterparts. There are twelve distinct types of mantras with  sub divisions for a few of these. The mantras are levelled up by gaining atama points (AP) which an be increased by ingesting opponents.


These mantras will teach your character abilities that consume health but can preform attacks that are much stronger than those of the attack function. Scattered throughout the physical skills are ability to cause status ailments as well as damage. The physical skills are separated into two kinds, normal and auto.
List of physical mantras:  Mantras skills:
Shura:  Body Rush, Mad Rush
Sramana: Venom Claw, Double Slash, HP Bonus
Bhikkhuni: Raving Slash, Critical, Quick Cure,Resolution
Vanquisher: Mute Blow, Chi Blast
Holy Beast:  Hell Fang
Violent God: Skull Cleve, Death Blow, Retaliate
Cruel Leader:  Power Wave, Life Gain
Demon Soldier:  Mind Scream, Power Charge, Void Phys, Vengeance
Overlord:  Executioner, Resist Phys
Warrior King:  Bloodbath, Demon Rage
Amatsukami: Gate of Hell, Life Surge 
Destroyer: God Slayer, Ragnarok, Null Phys 
Priestess: Death Spray, Counter, Quick Escape 
Maiden: Stun Needle, Comatose, First Strike, Null Critical 
Princess: Charm Slash, Counterstrike, Null Risks 
Queen:  Sakura Rage, Attack All, Close Call
Godess: Revelation, High Counter, Deploy, Double Repel 


These mantras will allow your character to gain more atama points from battle by ingesting an opponent. These are similar to to physical skill in that they require a portion of the character's health to preform and require physical contact on the opponent. There are two kind of hunt skills, fatal and non-fatal. 
List of hunt mantras: Mantra skills: 
Devourer: Devour, Ingest Mana 
Demon Beast: Feed Frenzy, Rend Asunder, Atama bonus, Iron Stomach 
Holy Beast: Consume, AP Divide 
Godly Beast: Insatiable, Atma Premium, Devour Mana 
Demon: Vile Blade, Devil Feast, Taunt, Horror  
Battle Demon: Venom Fang, Ingest, Paralyze 
Demon Lord: Genocide, Great Feast, Phys Repel, Petrify 
Demon God: Last Meal, Phys Drain 


These mantras give the characters spells that give improved stats or lower the opponents. They also encompass the status aliments and 
List of support mantras: Mantra spells: 
Spirit: Tarukaji, Makajam, Void Mute 
Karma: Sukukaja, HP Thief, Mana Bonus 
Twilight: Makakaja, Makajamon, MP Thief 
Curse: Rakukaja, Enervale, Silent Howl 
Arcane: Dark Mirage, Null Mute, Mana Gain 
Illusion: Spell Gloom, Dekunda 
Evil God: Deliberate, Mana Surge 
Adamant: Pulinpa, Stun Sphere, Void Panic, Void Nerve 
Kichijyo: Marin Karin, Foul Breath, Void Charm, Void Poison 
Vidya Raja: Allure, Neural Shock, Poison Mist, Null Nerve 
Holy Leader: Tentarafoo, Stun Wave, Null Panic, Null Poison 
Mukti: Fatal Charm, Poison Rain, Void Ailment, Null Charm 
Formless: Vanity, Null Ailment 


These mantras give your characters the ability to cast the Agi spells as well as the fire resistant and boost abilities. 
List of fire mantras: Mantra spells: 
First Spirit: Agi, Void Fire 
Fire Demon: Maragi, Fire Boost 
Fire Leader:  Agilao, Flame Breath, Fire Repel
Fire Lord: Maragion, Fire Drain 
Fire Emperor: Agidyne, Explode, Fire Amp 
Fire God: Maragidyne, Fire Resist 
Sublime Fire: Trisagion 


These mantras give your characters the ability to cast Bufu spells as well as the ice resistance and boost abilities. 
List of ice mantras: Mantra spells: 
Ice Spirit:  Bufu, Void Ice
Ice Demon:  Mabufu, Ice Boost
Ice Leader:  Bufula, Frost Breath, Ice Repel
Ice Wolf:  Mabufula, Ice Drain 
Ice Master: Bufudyne, Cold Wave, Ice Amp
Ice God:  Mabufudyne, Ice Resist
Sublime Ice: Niflheim 


These mantras give your character the ability to cast Zan spells as well as the force resistance and boost abilities. 
List of force mantras: Mantra spells: 
Dragon:  Zan, Void Force
Dragon Lord:  Mazan, Force Boost
Hiten:  Zanma, Shock Wave, Force Repel
Sky Dragon:  Mazanma, Force Drain
Sky Wizard:  Zandyne, Tempest, Force Amp
Wind God:  Mazandyne, Force Resist
Sublime Wind: Vayaviya 


These mantras give your character the ability to cast Tera spells as well as the earth resistance and boost abilities. 
List of earth mantras: Mantra spells: 
Earth Spirit:  Tera, Void Earth
Earth Shrine:  Matera, Earth Boost
Earth Temple:  Terazi, Avalanche, Earth Repel
Earth Lord:  Materazi, Earth Drain
Earth Emperor:  Teradyne, Heavy Rock, Earth Amp
Mother Earth:  Materadyne, Earth Resist
Sublime Earth: Titanomachia 


These mantras give your character the ability to cast Zio spells as well as the electric resistance and boost abilities. 
List of electric mantras: Mantra spells: 
Bolt Wizard:  Zio, Void Elec
Bolt Lord:  Mazio, Elec Boost
Lightning:  Zionga, Bolt Flare, Elec Repel
Bolt Emperor:  Mazionga, Elec Drain
Bolt Master:  Ziodyne, Jupiter's Fury, Elec Amp
Bolt God:  Maziodyne, Elec Resist
Sublime Bolt: Narukami 


These mantras give your character the ability to cast Hama spells as well as resisting the opponents Hama spells. 
List of expel mantras: Mantra spells: 
Angel: Hama, Taruda, Void Expel
Archangel: Mahama, Sukunda, Expel Resist
Thrones: Hamaon, Makanda, Makatora, Expel Repel
Cherubim: Mahamon, Rakunda, Null Expel
Seraphim: Xanadu, Dekaja 


These mantras give your character the ability to cast Mudo spells as well as resisting the opponents Mudo spells. 
List of death mantras: Mantra spells: 
Yaksa: Mudo, Curse, Void Death 
Evil Spirit: Mamudo, Blood Curse, Stone Gaze, Death Resist
Dark Spirit: Mudoon, Wicked Curse, Death Repel
Death: Mamudoon, Petrifier, Null Death 


These mantras give your character the ability to cast Megido spells, the strongest strongest spells in the game, as well as the strongest resistance spells.
List of almighty mantras: Mantra spells:
Dark Leader:   Megido, Mind Charge
Dark Lord: Megidola, Last Word
Dark King:  Megidolaon, Magic Repel
Dark Lord: Null Element 


These mantras give your character the ability to cast Dia spells and revive party members with Recarm. 
List of heal mantras: Mantra spells: 
Protection:  Dia, Parta, Analyse
Fallen Hero: Media, Posumudi, Achedi, Dream Haze
Fierce Spirit: Diarama, Paraladi, Me Patra
Calm Spirit: Mediarama, Closdi, Cursedi, Dormina
Progenitor: Dairahan, Petradi
Death Spirit: Mediarahan
Vicious God: Salvation, Auto Soma 
Hades: Recarm
Six Realms: Samarecarm
World: Recarmdra, Calm Death 


These mantras are a collection of different types of skills and spells that range from reducing money loss to gaining chakra back from moving. 
List of esoteric mantras: Mantra spells: 
Esoteric 1: Mutual Karma
Esoteric 2: Miser's Spirti
Esoteric 3: Item Find 
Esoteric 4: Level Gift
Esoteric  5: Full Banquet, Chakra Walk, MAX Critical
Esoteric 6: New Banquet, Leech, MIN Critical
Esoteric  7: Cocytus, Auto-Chakra
Esoteric 8: Null Sleep, Mana Walk 


These mantras are obtained by by defeating a specific boss and deliver some of the most powerful abilities. 
List of boss mantras: Mantra spells: Boss to defeat: 
Root of Evil: Spiteful Force, Death Flies Seth 
Aksara: Third Eye, Phys Absorb Shiva 
Dragonslayer: Divine Light, Fire of Sinai Michael 
God of Light: Chaturbhuja, Celestial Ray Vishnu    


 Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2 Soundtrack Cover
 Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2 Soundtrack Cover
Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2 Soundtrack Song List:
01.     Battle For Survival   
02.     Om Mani Padme Hm    
03.     Epic Battle    
04.     Occupied Sector    
05.     Underground City    
06.     Coercion   
07.     Heroic Battle    
08.     Backtracking    
09.     Internment Facility    
10.     Prison Break    
11.    Karma City    
12.     Karma Society Tower    
13.     Heat's Theme    
14.     Madness    
15.     EGG Facility    
16.     Infiltration    
17.     Power Plant    
18.     Karma    
19.     Inherent Will   
20.    EGG Facility Revisited    
21.     Hunting - Betrayal    
22.     The Bell Tolls    
23.     Regret    
24.     Airport    
25.     The Sun    
26.     Enemies Reborn    
27.     Divine Identity   
28.     One Word    
29.     The Rising Sun   
30.     Om Mani Padme Hm - Rearrangement