Virtua Fighter 3

The third installment of Sega-AM2's signature 3D fighting game series, Virtua Fighter 3 features one of the most advanced 3D graphical engines prior to the release of the Sega Dreamcast. It also introduces a variety of unique fighting game stage layouts, including environments with uneven grounds (such as stairways).


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Virtua Fighter 3 is a 3D fighting game developed by Sega-AM2 and released by Sega for arcades (running their Sega Model 3 hardware) on September 1996.

The third main installment of the Virtua Fighter series (and the first game to use their powerful Sega Model 3 hardware), Virtua Fighter 3 features an enhanced graphical engine (including character eye movement, cloth and facial animations, and numerous anti-aliasing, shading, lighting, and particle effects) and higher environmental and character detail.

It also includes major gameplay changes (some of it removed in the game's sequel), such as a new fourth button (the Evade button, used for side-stepping and easy dashing), modified jumping mechanics, and stages with walls and/or uneven/sloped ground (using inverse kinematics to determine the character's ground position and to provide a more realistic animation).

The game later received an updated version in September 1997, titled Virtua Fighter 3tb. As the "tb" in the name stands for "team battle", this version adds a new optional mode where players fight with teams of fighters (similar to the King of Fighters series). This version was later ported by Genki to the Dreamcast as a launch title in Japan (and later on October 18, 1999 worldwide). A Saturn port was in development in-house, but was later cancelled.


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