Dance Dance Revolution HOTTEST PARTY 2

In case you didn't think that the original Hottest Party was hot enough, Konami made Hottest Party 2.


 Typical DDR Gameplay
Typical DDR Gameplay
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2 features the exact same gameplay that any other Dance Dance Revolution Game feaures: stepping on arrows located on a Dance Mat to the beat of music to achieve a high combo. The game also features hand movements which are realized with the Wiimote and Nunchuck attatchement, a system introduced in Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party.

Differences to DDR: Hottest Party

 A player playing with a Mii instead of a premade character.
A player playing with a Mii instead of a premade character.
  • The game features a completley new soundtrack (see below), which contains songs from the last four decades.
  • More Wiimote and Nunchuck support
  • Four Player multiplayer (as opposed to two player only)
  • Mii support was added to the game. This way the character can use their own customized avatar as a dancer isntead of premade dancers.
  • New characters which move more realistically.
  • New stages and enviroment with more visual effects have been added.
  • New Dance Modes and competition modes such as "Dance n' Defend".

Track List

  • Black or White - Prince Royal
  • Bust A Move - Young MC (Includes Promotional Music Video Background!)
  • Come Rain Come Shine - Jenn Cuneta
  • D.A.N.C.E. - Justice
  • Makes Me Wonder - Sunshine Superman
  • Nite Runner - FRAZ
  • Red Alert - Basement Jaxx (Includes Promotional Music Video Background!)
  • Scramble - System 7
  • Tribulations - LCD Soundsystem
  • Umbrella - Haley Hunt
  • We Got The Beat - Pop n' Fresh
  • Lesson by DJ - U.T.D. & Friends
  • Lesson2 by DJ - MC DDR
  • Closer to my Heart (jun remix) - NM feat. Heather Elmer
  • Desert Journey - dj TAKA
  • escape - U1 & Krystal B
  • INTO YOUR HEART ("Roughage" remix) - NAOKI feat. YASMINE
  • JUST BELIEVE - Lea Drop feat. Marissa Ship
  • Racing with Time (NAOKI'S 999 remix) - jun feat. Heather Twede
  • STAY (Joey Riot remix) - DANNY D