Captain Rainbow

Captain Rainbow is a quirky, communication focused adventure game from Skip. Players take on the role of the eponymous Captain Rainbow's alter-ego, Nick, as he attempts to revitalise the flagging ratings of his TV show, whilst also helping to grant the wishes of a cast of obscure Nintendo characters.


Captain Rainbow tells the story of a superhero of the same name, and his every day alter-ego Nick. Captain Rainbow is the star of his own television show, in the land of the free, Mameruka. Thanks to the appearance of some unpopular characters, however, the ratings for his show have recently tanked. In order to gain back the show's popularity and keep his job, Nick decides to head off to Mimin Island. Something happens along the way, however, and Nick learns that he is the only person who can help out the residents of Mimin.

And those residents happen to be forgotten characters from the Nintendo family, including Ossan, the character from the original Golf and Hikari, from the Japanese game Shin Onigashima. This unique game promised multiple gameplay features for a unique gaming experience.