This "music-based rhythm-action game" pits you and your team of Zubos against the evil Big Head and his Zumbos who have overrun the peacfeul land of Zubalon, you must defeat them in turn-based battles using rhythm based action attacks.

What's a ZUBO?

The Zubo itself is a human-like creature with a cylindrical body and extremely colorful and stylized physical features. They live in the world of Zubalon which consists of environments that vary from haunted houses, to the Wild West, to a tropical cost line. Zubos also come in many different types which match their environment. For example, one can obtain a vampire Zubo from a haunted house and a Sheriff Zubo from the Wild West area of Zubalon. There are 55 different Zubos in the entire game (5 from each of the 11 areas) and each one can be recruited to your Zubo team. 


Combat is turn based and involves your whole Zubo team. Each Zubo has four moves they can use in combat, some of which are common to all Zubos, but each Zubo also has one special attack that is unique to their character (ie. The punk rocker Zumbo has a special attack called "Rock On"). When the player selects an attack (which range from buffs to direct damage), an outline of the attacking Zubo appears and a larger outline appears outside of that. The larger outline then begins to contract in tune with the music and the player must tap the stylus when the two outlines match each other. This process is made more or less difficult based on the power of the move. In addition to this aspect of combat, each Zubo as has a pokémon-like characteristic that acts a rock-paper-scissors buff or debuff depending on the type of the Zombo it is currently fighting. Zubo is slated to have multiplayer wi-fi combat where players can earn experience points that they use in the single player campaign.