Valhalla Knights 2

Valhalla Knights 2 is a heavily customizable action-rpg, featuring a dozen classes, and hundreds of pieces of equipment.

Valhalla Knights 2 is an original game in the Valhalla Knights universe, having no story-based connections to the original game.  In VK2, the player takes control of a player created character, and is set off on a quest to defeat a powerful goddess.  Players can choose from five initial races, their gender, and their class from five initial options.  Also, players can either create or recruit their party, up to a maximum of six members, and can store additional party members at the guild.  In addition, VK2 improves upon the original in many ways, from dungeon design, item organization, combat options, and much, much more.

  • Core gameplay - At it's heart, VK2 is a loot and grind game, with both combat and exploration viewed from a third-person perspective.  Hunt for spells, equipment, and extra classes in many varied environments.  Hundreds of hours await the adventurous.
  • Expanded environments - no more murky dungeons, as players now fight through more organic/outdoor areas.  
  • Multiple towns - instead of the warp points from the first game, players in VK2 will eventually come across new towns, with unique quests and shortcuts between areas.
  • Stealth system - enemies are viewable in the environments, and have unique cones of vision.  Approach them from the back or side to gain in an advantage when the game transitions to the battle screen.  Also, just like the first game, battles can reach a maximum of six opponents at once.
  • Drop system - defeated enemies have a chance to drop one of three types of treasure chests: wooden, steel, or a skull box.  The higher the rank of the box, the greater the loot.  However, they also house dangerous traps, so beware.  Also, item drops in VK2 are enemy specific.
  • Detailed customization - in total, the game has 12 classes to choose from, and each has exclusive, and powerful, set items to find.  Also, every piece of equipment is unique in appearance and is displayed in real-time on your characters in battle and cut scenes.
  • Customizable party size - players can scale the challenge to their liking, by going it alone, or taking up to five additional party members with them.
  • Expanded guild - in VK1, the guild was simply there for class changing, character swapping, and quest selecting.  Now it houses an expandable item box and an item and monster encyclopedia.  
  • The item box - VK1 had a cumbersome inventory system, forcing players to keep all their possessions with them, or create mules (created characters used to hold items) in the guild.  Now players have an item box, that can store up to 500 items, as well as a personal inventory space of 60, instead of the originals 30.  
  • New subclassing details - in VK1 players could equip up to three classes per character, and gain the benefits from each.  Now, players can access the details of the perks and penalties they get when they equip different classes.  Equip mages with a shield, let a monk cast magic, or let a priest equip glove weapons - the choice is yours.
  • Improved combat - some classes have unique weapons and combos to utilize in battle, like the monk, who exclusively uses glove-type weapons.
  • The coliseum - players can fight through multiple ranks in the coliseum for bonus experience and unique equipment.
  • Improved EXP system - unlike VK1, players can now reach level 99 through the newly balanced EXP gains.
  • New and improved classes - in addition to the new Canine class and Akatoi race, each class now has three special abilities gained by reaching certian levels.  Old favorites return, like humans, elves, halflings, dwarves (redesigned), and machines.
  • The Tower - an optional dungeon that opens up early in the game.  Here players can find powerful equipment and tons of experience, but only if they are strong enough to survive.
  • Ad Hoc multiplayer - play with a friend and search for items and equipment in mulitplayer specific quests.