John Deere: American Farmer

John Deere American Farmer is a farming simulator that allows you to grow crops, hire workers, and expand.


John Deere American Farmer is a sim game Where you purchase equipment and move them to a field you want to till seed or Harvest the plants from. You must purchase all the seed or animals and hope to get a return on your investments. You must know the right season to plant your crops or they will not grow and you would have wasted all that time and money. You must keep your workers happy or they will quit, you do this by buying better farm homes and entertainment ex: Trampolines, Swimming pools. When you save up enough money you can buy more land or buy better equipment to make money faster and require less workers, and there is an option to hire airplanes to come and cropdust your plants or you can invest in a tractor that spreads pesticide to save money in the long run


In the game all the equipment available to purchase is from John Deere except for 1 Truck you start off with. There Is a Truck. Gator, small tractor, large tractor Pesticide Tractor, and many attachments for harvesting certain plants and tilling certain fields.

Recommended System Requirements

CPU: Pentium III 1GHz 
RAM: 256MB 
GPU: 32MB 32-bit Video Card compatible with DirectX 9. 
OS: Windows XP