Major Minor's Majestic March

The Wii Remote becomes a bandleader's baton as you keep tempo and try to create the most impressive parade ever.


Major Minor's Majest March is a music and rhythm game developed by Masaya Matsuura and his NanaOn-Sha company and published by Majesco Entertainment. The game also had PaRappa the Rapper's graphic artist Rodney Greenblat on board. It was released as a Wii exclusive on April 2, 2009.


Major Minor's Majestic March allows the player to lead a marching band by using the Wii Remote as a baton. While marching the band around, the player will be able to pick up extra musicians who will add new instruments to their marching band. While marching the band, they will be able to have a total amount of 15 instruments that will include, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. The overall aim of the game is to keep the band in rhythm. 

Modes of Play

Single Player is set across 7 stages, each with a unique setting, story and medley of songs to march to. After finishing the game once a Normal difficulty is unlocked after which a Challenge mode and a new character model are added. The story progresses as well. Performing well results in a mid-march Drill Time minigame in which more waggling motions must be performed for bonus points.  After each stage the player is ranked on various aspects of their performance and is given the chance to rank up one member of their marching band. These ranks increase from C to B to A to S and improve that members patience and how long they'll wait before leaving the band when the tempo is off. 
Multiplayer modes are based around one player keeping the tempo and another grabbing items and band members. In Contest Mode the duties are switched off every 10 beats and the player with the highest score at the end is the winner. In Co-op Mode the roles don't change and each player's performance contributes to the overall score. A single player can play Co-op with the CPU in charge of keeping the tempo, a perfect mode for young children. 

Band Profile

A sub menu offers a picture and brief bio of each of the 30 unlockable band members. These descriptions are insane and must be documented. 
 Jamie Giraffe
 Jamie Giraffe
Jamie Giraffe

She is a very pleasant and tall giraffe girl who is loved dearly by her friends and co-workers at the Tall Animal Dress Shop. She began to play the bell lyra at five feet tall. 
Taj Tiger
Was from a wealthy family but then decided to move out and learned to play the bass drum. He is very strong and wise and works at the city gym as a sought-after private trainer.
Fancy Goldfish
Is from a very wealthy family of the National Treasure Pond. Imagine what they thought when she ran away to become a cymbal player.

Mary Beth Shelly Sheep
Was the town librarian before she learned to play the French horn. She loves tea, antiques, and lace trim. Everyone has a nice time at her lovely concerts.

Buddy Beagle
Who has been a great trumpet player since he was a puppy. Happy to be a "side man", He has played with all the best bands, and played solos and backup on many hit records.

 Sousa Pig
 Sousa Pig
Sousa Pig

Works at an insurance company and is a shy guy who likes to play the tuba. He may not be the bet but he always shows up for the gig. A little off beat, he's a sweet guy to know.

Wooly Monkey
Is a wacky green monkey who never stops moving, jumping climbing and making great music on his beat-up trombone. He doesn't talk much but is always the life of the party.

Is a free-spirited flower-girl living in a carefree group house with other poets and plants. She often stands in breezy fields playing long joyful songs on her piccolo.

Morel the Mushroom Monk
Lives in a monastery with many similar mushroom monks. They worship the earth, grow food, and play music in a spiritual way.

Hapa Hibiscus
is a laid back island guy who grows flowers at his waterfall house. His easy going style and funny comments make him a great guy to hang out with.

 Klaus Cactus
 Klaus Cactus
Klaus Cactus

Has a business selling exotic flowers. He loves to sit on the patio and play crazy folk songs on his xylophone. Despite his many spines, he is a valued community member.

Soli Sun flower
Is a smart new-age activist who cares about the earth. Her home is an energy efficient dome with organic gardens. She is tall and sensible, but her euphonium wakes the neighbors.

Lana Bug
Is the funniest member of the national team. She always has a funny comment, and loves to be the center of attention. Even her clarinet playing sounds like laughter.

Gibson Grasshopper
Is a quirky bug whose jumping ability got him into the national team. He likes jumping, but is really more interested in playing the bell lyra and marching around.

Delta Dolphin
Works at the seaside park and is an expert gymnast and performer. She can do flips and twists just as well as she can sing and play the trumpet.
 Brandy Butterfly
 Brandy Butterfly
Brandy Butterfly
Has been training for the Olympics since she was but a caterpillar. She loves to help her fellow team makes, yet still has time to be a great triangle player.  
Link Lion
Is a wealthy prince from the Jungle Kingdoms who came to the city to become a music recording engineer. He built the most famous recording studio and produced many hits.

Mr. Crocodile-Sharp
Is a tough corporate crocodile-man at work and is just as competitive outside the office. He likes to win at golf and tennis and his horn playing is the loudest of all.

Owen  Sea Otter
Worked for the coast guard as a diving expert for many years. He has a lot of experience from traveling all over the world. He started to play the trombone when he was 40.

Cat Keys
Is a cool cat girl who practices hard and loves to show off her amazing sax playing. She is smart at school, tough, pretty, and always ready to be the best.     


The music in the game is largely comprised of "public domain" Standards and is synthesized in MIDI fashion so it can be adjusted as the player performs. Most stages offer a medley of familiar tunes.

Stage 1
Colonel Bogey March
Wien bleibt Wien
Ein Summernachtstraum, op. 61

Stage 2
The Liberty Bell
Twelve variations on "Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman"
Salut d'Amour, Op. 12
The Marriage of Figaro

Stage 3
Orphee aux enfers
Funiculi, Funicula
National Emblem
Lights Out March
See the Conquering Hero

Stage 4
Entrance of the Gladiators
The British Grenadiers
Alte Kameraden

Stage 5
Pomp and Circumstance
The Thunderer
Under the Double Eagle
Slavonic March
The Washington Post
The Star-Spangled Banner

Stage 6

Stage 7
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