Grobda is a shooter released by Namco in 1984. It can be found in the Namco Museum Battle Collection.

Grobda is a sequel to Xevious, but plays in an entirely different manner. The game situates the player in a future, fictitious tank-based sports league, the National Battlers Association. Players drive a tank, and your goal in each level is to defeat an array of roughly half a dozen competitive tanks. Kills are generally achieved with one successful shot, but the player (and later enemies) are equipped with a shield which depletes while deployed with a secondary button and slowly recharges. Enemies explode into a blast radius which can kill additional enemies or the player themselves.

Grobda was the first game developed by Namco to use a DAC for converting digital clips of spoken dialog to analog sound. The cabinet encourages the player to "GET READY" prior to rounds, using the line about a year before Space Harrier was released with its own more celebrated use of the same prompt.