Golf was originally released for the Japanese Famicom in 1984, and was the third of Nintendo's mononym first-party sports games for the system after Baseball and Tennis. It was later released in the US in 1985, Europe in 1986 and for the Famicom Disk System in Japan in 1986. It later saw adaptations for the Game Boy and Sharp X1, and was rereleased for e-Reader and on the 3DS eShop. Nintendo's Golf is also present in NES Remix.


The game offers single-player stroke play, two-player stroke play, and two-player match play. The player can select a club and initiate a swing. The swing shows a gauge at the bottom of the screen which has to be charged up for the desired power and then subsequently stopped in a narrow area otherwise the ball will curve to the left or the right. Wind direction also affects the flight of the ball.

Putting shows the slope of the green and allows the player to aim with an arrow to compensate for slope. Putting strokes are performed similar to other strokes but only the putter is allowed once on the green. The game does not simulate different cuts of grass or rough: a ball is either on the fairway, in a bunker, on the green, out of bounds, or in the water. If a ball lands out of bounds or in the water the player has to retry the stroke and also takes a penalty stroke. All game modes are played on a single course.