Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a free-to-play MMO featuring more than 600 quests spanning ten zones in a seamless world, eight character classes to choose from with a Dual Class System, and player-versus-player gameplay.


Runes of Magic is an atmospheric 3D MMO that is free to play. It set in the world of Taborea with over 1000 quests, PvP, Server vs Server PvP, guild halls, and guild battles. It follows the typical format of an MMORPG: the player starts by choosing a server, then creates a character, and then goes into the world to fight and gain levels in order to develop their abilities and spells.


There are eight classes in the game, although players have the eventual option to pick a secondary class for their character. These classes include:   
- Warrior - Wild Beasts in Battle
- Scout - Wanderers of the Vast Continents
- Rogue - The agile weasels
- Mage - Masters of Elements 
- Knight - The Steel Wall
- Priest - Medium of Wonders
- Druid - Dominator over Nature's Might
- Warden - Master of Plants 

Dual-Class System

When you first join Runes of Magic, all players must choose their primary class. However, once the character reaches level 10, the player has the option of choosing a secondary class for their character. In order to do so, players must visit a special class trainer, such as the one in the main city of Varanas. In picking the second class, the character will have access to that class' non-specific skills only. 
For example, choosing your secondary class to be a scout, your character will have access to bows. As a rogue, your character will gain access to projectiles. 


Guilds are a standard part of most MMOs. However, in Runes of Magic, guilds have the ability to "level up." In order to do so, guild members donate their gathered wood, ore, and herbs to the guild. Once a specified amount of each resource is accumulated, the guild gains a level.  

Any guild with a level of 7 or higher have the option of building their own guild hall. This is generally a centre for the guild to work out of, plan adventures, meet together, or plan assaults. Inside these halls, guild members (those allowed to by the guild leader) can set up interior decoration and furniture as they see fit, the guild hall holds a loot vault, and the guild can even open their doors to the public.  

High level guilds also have the option of attacking rival's guild halls. The halls can be customized to act as fortresses, with a number of customizable trapdoors, parapets, and gates.