BS Zelda no Densetsu

A remake of the original Legend of Zelda, broadcast to owners of the Satellaview on certain dates from 1995 to 1997. It has never been officially released otherwise.


BS Zelda no Densetsu is an updated version of the NES game The Legend of Zelda, made available for the Satellaview platform on certain dates between 1995 and 1997. It was broadcast episodically in two sets of four episodes, each one only available to download and play during a 1-hour period, and all episodes were reran on later dates for players who missed them originally.

Though BS Zelda's gameplay and story are both much the same as those of the original, its dungeon designs are entirely different. Certain presentation changes were also made. Rather than the original player character of Link, players control their own Satellaview avatar, male or female, which would have been selected at the system level.

As the Satellaview was never released outside of Japan, BS Zelda remains a Japan-only release, and cannot be played by any official means as no physical version was made. However, the game data does still exist in a playable form, and fan translations of the game have been created.


Original Map

Episode 1

First broadcast: August 6, 1995

Episode 2

First broadcast: August 13, 1995

Episode 3

Episode 4

Map 2