Yakuza 3

Sega's Yakuza series moves to the PlayStation 3 for its third installment, bringing all the comically brutal beat-em-up gameplay, Japanese RPG storytelling and various mini-games with it.


Yakuza 3 is an action game developed by Amusement Vision, and once again it follows the series lead character Kazuma Kiryu. It was released February 26, 2009 in Japan, and March 9, 2010 in the U.S. and March 12, 2010 in Europe. Sega has also been releasing free downloadable content (exclusive to Japan) for the game as of March 5, 2009. These downloadable packs contain 29 new costumes for Kazuma, two-player modes for some of the minigames (including darts, golf and billiard), 8 packs of new items and more. Most of this DLC is made available in Western releases through redemption codes packed into the game or via pre-order bonuses with specific retailers.


The Yakuza wars are spreading over to the tropical paradise of Okinawa. After leaving his last base in Kamurocho, Kazuma Kiryu went to Okinawa and opened an orphanage named Sunshine Orphanage (U.S.) / Asago (Japan: translated to a flower called Morning Glory) with Haruka (from the first Yakuza game), a young girl who acts as his assistant. Together with the children they have taken in, the two slowly let go of the violent lives they have led prior to their arrival.

However, the happy days are short lived for the Yakuza are tightly connected with the Japanese government. A shady deal that involves the land that has Kazuma's orphanage on it. After a mysterious man resembling Kazuma's supposedly deceased father shoots Daigo Dojima, the current chairman of the Tojo Clan, Kazuma returns to Tokyo once again.


The two main areas you will be exploring are Ryukyugai in Okinawa and Kamurocho in Tokyo. They are both fictional areas, although based on the real life locations of Naha's Makishi and Tokyo's red-light district, Kabukicho . They contain lots of activities to enjoy such as bowling alleys, batting cages, noodle houses, bars, and convenience stores. The main gameplay is brawling. Throughout the game Kazuma earns experience (through combat, eating and sub-stories) and will learn new moves and techniques as he becomes more and more powerful. Also, Yakuza 3 adds a change to random battle load sequences using a streamlined transition from exploring than jumping right into combat causing the player to stay with the action without a major load time or blank screen. This also is utilized in the new Chase Sequences, where Kazuma is forced to attack and force down a fleeing target in order to continue the story.

Yakuza 3 contains many key features that are inherent to the series:

  • Arena Fighting
  • Bowling
  • Billards
  • Casino Games
  • Batting Cages
  • Sega Arcade Games
  • Key Lockers

Yakuza 3 adds new features that weren't present in the previous entries:

  • Karaoke: Another addition to the Yakuza series is Karaoke, containing a total of 6 songs. Kazuma can only sing one song, 'Kamurocho Lullaby' as well as Haruka having her own as well. The other four are accessible by inviting a Hostess, otherwise they involve Kazuma clapping and playing small instruments.
  • Fishing/Golf/Darts: Thanks to the new Okinawa location, Kazuma can now access new mini games such as Fishing on the beach in front of the Sunshine Orphanage and Golf, which can be accessed by taking a Cab or Monorail. Another mini game making a debut is Darts which can be located in one of the games many Bars.
  • Pub/Bars: Although originally accessible through various story missions, the addition of Bar hopping is a welcome feature to the franchise. Every beverage in several bars are actual drinks and contains informative dialogue attached as to how some are created and or/type of alcohol. The result of a few drinks actually displays a drunken meter on the players HUD and can cause Kazuma to access certain techniques/abilities.
  • Revelations/First Person View: Kazuma has learned to blog allowing him to turn everyday situations in possible scenarios and unlocks new abilities. This is capable using the new First Person View system when in unison with emails sent from you companion, Mack Shinozuka, giving the player a description of where to find a new Revelation.
  • Kamiyama's Workshops: In either Okinawa or Kamurocho, the player now has the ability to create, repair or purchase weapons and carry it in their inventory while accessing them using the directional buttons. Renji Kamiyama runs the Kamurocho branch while his younger brother, Renta Kamiyama, runs the Okinawa store. The weapon crafting adds a unique ability, never before utilized in the Yakuza franchise. Before hand, players would only be allowed to use certain weapons by completing certain side quests or by using specific locker keys. The new Workshop system allows players to start with a basic set of Accessories, Armor & Weapons, than upgrade them to various special forms or editions. While still retaining the same framework of finishing side quests or finding locker keys, the items necessary to craft are now rewards and some may also be found in local stores or pawn shops.

This is also the first Yakuza title to include Playstation Trophy support, adding a total of 45 trophies including the series first Platinum.


Kamurocho is a fictional district of Tokyo that serves as a major setting of the Yakuza series. It is regarded as Tokyo's "Sin City" district, and is home to such activities as underground gambling operations, loan sharks and similar illegal activities as well as more legitimate adult establishments including host and hostess clubs, massage parlors and nightclubs. It is also a district heavy with the influence of the yakuza, who frequently clash over Kamurocho's control. At the heart of Kamurocho is a towering skyscraper called the Millennium Tower, which serves as a key location to many events throughout the series.


Alps Tea House (Cafe Alps)

Blended Coffee500
Blue Mountain800
Earl Grey500
Milk Tea500
Tomato Juice450
Lemon Tea500
Strawberry Parfait680
Chocolate Parfait650
Green Tea Float550
Cake Set800
Toast Set800
Sandwich Set950
Pasta Set1300
Original Beef Curry1300


Beef on Rice (Medium)380
Beef on Rice (Large)480
Pork on Rice (Medium)
Pork on Rice (Large)
Korean Style Vegetables on Rice (Medium)430
Korean Style Vegetables on Rice (Large)530
Original Curry & Rice (Medium)350
Original Curry & Rice (Large)450
Beef on Rice Curry610
Kalbi on Rice with Kimchi (Medium)490
Kalbi on Rice with Kimchi (Large)590
Tuna Yamakake (Medium)490
Tuna Yamakake (Large)780
Barbecued Beef Set Meal630
Korean Barbecued Beef Kalbi Set Meal680
Demiglace Sauce Hamburger Steak Meal580
Barbecued Pork Set Meal550
Ginger Pork Set Meal580


Vanilla Gelato280
Strawberry Gelato280
Chocolate Gelato280
Red Bean Gelato280
Caramel Gelato280
Coffee Gelato280

*Only appears on the menu if "Tokyo Week 1 Magazine" is in your inventory


25-Year Yamazaki5,000
12-Year Yamazaki700
12-Year Hukushuu600
The Macallen 194640,000
12-Year The Macallen700
30-Year Laphroaig5,000
10-Year Laphroaig600
12-Year Bowmore500
12-Year Glenfiddich600
17-Year Hibiki700
12-Year Hakuto500
Suntory Whisky Old400
17-Year Ballantine's800
Ballatine's Finest500
Jack Daniel's600
Early Times400
Suntory Brand XO600
Courvoisier XO3,000
Kyougetsu Green350
Awamori Churajima400
Aged Awamori Tenryugura400

Atenshi (Earth Angel)

12-Year Yamazaki700
12-Year Hakushuu600
17-Year Hibiki700
12-Year Hokuto500
Suntory Whisky Old400
Ballantine's Finest500
Early Times400
Suntory Brand V.S.O.P.400
Suntory Brand V.O.350
The Premium Malts350
Kyougetsu Green350

Smile Burger

Smile Burger Set520
Smile Cheeseburger Set560
Teriyaki Smile Burger Set580
King Smile Burger Set690
Tuna Burger Set580
Stewed Burger Set600
Smile Shake220
Smile Fries240
Giga Smile Burger Set*880*

*Only appears on the menu if "Tokyo Week 1 Magazine" is in your inventory


12-Year Yamazaki700
12-Year Hakushuu600
30-Year The Macallen5,250
12-Year The Macallen850
10-Year Laphroaig750
12-Year Bowmore700
30-Year Glenfiddich4,200
12-Year Glenfiddich700
30-Year Hibiki5,180
17-Year Hibiki820
30-Year Ballantine's4,650
17-Year Ballantine's920
Ballantine's Finest580
Jack Daniel's700
Early Times500
Suntory Brand V.S.O.P.400
Courvoisier XO3,000
The Premium Malts600
Lemon Heart Demerara740
Herradura Tequila Silver730
Skyy Vodka730

Pronto (Cafe Time Menu and Bar Time Menu)

Cafe Time

Grapefruit Juice300
Mango Drink330
Hot Coffee250
American Coffee250
Cafe Latte300
Cafe Mocha350
Royal Milk Tea300
Eggplant Bacon Spaghetti690
Shrimp & Tomato Spaghetti690
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce630
Spicy Fish Roe Spaghetti580
Rich Egg Carbonara730

Bar Time Menu

Gin Buck480
Lime Refreshing Tequila Rickey580
Tequila & Blood Orange580
Campari & Soda530
Kahlua & Milk580
12-Year Yamazaki630
12-Year Bowmore680
10-Year Laphroaig700
Suntory Whisky Old450
Early Times480
Boiled Hokkaido Soybeans400
Octopus Carpiccio480
Jamon Iberico (Ham)1,000
Tomato Mozzarella Salad480
Margherita Pizza600

Kyushu No.1 Ramen

Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen750
Stewed Tonkotsu Ramen980
Pork Ramen950
Spice Roe Tonkotsu Ramen860
Egg Tonkotsu Ramen820
Limited Ramen with the Works*1,250*

*Only appears on the menu if "Tokyo Week 1 Magazine" is in your inventory

Sushi Gin

Worker's Scattered Sushi*1,280*

*Only appears on the menu if "Tokyo Week 1 Magazine" is in your inventory


Salted Tongue1,400
Grade A SaltedTongue2,500
Grade A Kalbi2,700
Grade A Sirloin2,400
Grade A Harami2,500
Liver Sashimi1,300
Seafood Platter1,700
Kimchi Combo600
Stone-Roasted Bibimap1,500
Spicy Beef Soup1,400
Special Limited Sirloin*2,800*

*Only appears on the menu if "Tokyo Week 1 Magazine" is in your inventory


This game requires a 5 GB installation on the PlayStation 3.


It currently holds an 80 average on Metacritic.

According to VGChartz, the game sold approximately 48,164 copies in North America in its first week; 76,535 total after 3 weeks. Some point to the fact that Sega chose to release the game on the same date as the Western release of Final Fantasy XIII as part of the reason for low sales.

Downloadable Content

The US release of Yakuza 3 includes a package of four different DLC bundles, already included in packaging.

  • A new Boss Rush mode, called "Battle for Survival."
  • Two new Tournament modes, including a single and tag division.
  • Also the new Haruka's Request, where Kazuma is able to escort Haruka around Kamurocho in order to raise her approval meter.

Sega has also released an exclusive set of DLC included as a Gamestop pre-order gift. This package is now available for purchase in the Playstation Store, they contain:

  • Extra Costumes for the main characters.
  • A new competitive mode, where 2 players can compete in Pool, Golf, Darts and Bowling.