Super Fruit Fall

Super Fruit Fall is a puzzle game that was released on the Wii, DS, PSP, and PS2


Super Fruit Fall is a puzzle game developed by Nissimo and published by System 3 Software for the Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 2, and PSP platforms.


Super Fruit Fall is a puzzle game in which the object is to make the fruit disappear by moving it around the grid until all of it is together. The fruit will only disappear when 3 or more of the same fruit are stacked either on top or to the left or right of one another.

To move the fruit in the grid, rather than moving the fruit itself the entire level is moved and the fruit will drop depending on the type of stage. All fruit in the level must be matched in order for the level to be able to be completed. If multiple sets of fruit are completed in a single move, the player will be awarded with a combo.

Game Modes

  • Arcade Mode - In arcade mode the goal is to progress through as many levels in a row as possible. The player starts with three lives and a set amount of time. Time and score are earned by completing levels.
  • Time Trial Mode - The goal in time trial mode is to complete levels as quickly as possible. Any level that has been unlocked in arcade mode can be played here. The game keeps track of the fastest times completed for each level.
  • Practice Mode - In practice mode there is no time limits and unlimited lives.
  • Auto-Solver Help Mode - In auto-solver mode players can get the game to auto solve the puzzle. While the game is performing the moves the players score is steadily and rapidly decreasing.
  • Two-Player Mode - Two player mode is played split screen (Wii version) with two players. Players pick a set of ten levels and compete for the highest score.