A Witch's Tale

A Witch's Tale is a 2D turn base RPG for DS. The game is played entirely with the stylus. Your party is made up of enchanted dolls, collected on your journey through the six kingdoms to re-seal the evil Eld Witch. Whom you've somewhat unwittingly released after a 1000 years


The game's story primarily draws from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. It has a distinct gothic art style influenced by the worlds of Coraline & The Nightmare before Christmas created by Henry Selick and Tim Burton. You play as Liddell, a mischief-making witch in training. She releases the evil Eld Witch who had been sealed away by Queen Alice 1000 years prior in hopes of becoming more powerful. Landed with the job of cleaning up her own mess Liddell sets out to right her wrongs. She must travel to the six kingdoms, rescue the six princesses, and recover special items from the princess of each kingdom to be able to re-seal the Eld Witch.