Denjin Makai

A side-scrolling brawler where six ghost hunters join forces to take down the ghosts and evil spirits that have joined a criminal syndicate.


Denjin Makai ("Lightning God Makai" - while "makai" usually means "demon", in this case, the title is referring to the main character of the same name) is a 1994 Arcade game by WinkySoft and published by Banpresto in which six (or three) demon hunters - of the standard "fast and weak", "slow and heavy" and "all-rounder" mix - fight through a city to rid its streets of a crime syndicate in the near future of 2079. This syndicate has thrown in with a group of evil spirits and other demons, and so the city's officials have no other recourse than to call in experts to remove them.

The game was ported to the Super Famicom later the same year with the name "Ghost Chaser Densei", though this version had to cut down the cutscenes, reduce the number of enemies on screen and lose half the playable characters due to having limited space on the cartridge.


  • Makai is the all-rounder and main protagonist, a young man who has a cybernetic weapon implanted into his arm.
  • Iyo is a female monkey-like anthropomorph who has joined the humans in fighting evil supernatural creatures, and is somewhat based on Sun Wukong: the fabled Monkey King.
  • Belva is an almost entirely robotic cybernetic giant who fights evil spirits with a combination of brute strength and rocket-propelled legs.
  • Kurokishi is a policewoman with purple hair. She does not appear in the SFC port.
  • Zeldia is a large lizard-like creature who uses needles in its attacks. It does not appear in the SFC port.
  • Tulks is a hulking wrestler type who fights with grapple moves. He does not appear in the SFC port.