Backyard Baseball 2007

Backyard Baseball is a 3D cartoon baseball sim.


Backyard Baseball is back with a new generation of kids, new environments, and a new style of gameplay. In this edition of Backyard Baseball they try to make the kids look older, and edgier. They want the 400 foot home runs to be more believable. Also the game will feature new environments, which like the last Backyard Baseball, are all in 3D.


This game, that came out in 2007, features way faster load times then the previous games. More notably though, it has a new physics engine, for more accurate ball flight, and ball bounce. This new engine also makes the players look more natural when they run. PlayersThis game features some of the original backyard players, as well as 16 MLB players, as animated kids.

MLB Players

  1. Bobby Abreu (Phillies)
  2. Lance Berkman (Astros)
  3. Eric Chavez (Athletics)
  4. Vladimer Guerrero (Angels)
  5. Derek Jeter (Yankees)
  6. Andruw Jones (Braves)
  7. Paul Konerko (White Sox)
  8. Derrek Lee (Cubs)
  9. David Ortiz (Red Sox)
  10. Albert Pujols (Cardinals)
  11. Alex Rodriguez (Yankees)
  12. Alfonso Soriano (Cubs)
  13. Johan Santana (Twins)
  14. Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners)
  15. Miguel Tejada (Orioles)
  16. Dontrelle Willis (Marlins)

Backyard Players

This game lost a few of the original backyard characters, but still kept these 19.

  1. Mario Luna
  2. Achmed Khan
  3. Tony Delvecchio
  4. Dmitri Petrovich
  5. Ricky Johnson
  6. Annie Frazier
  7. Lisa Crocket
  8. Pete Wheeler
  9. Dante Robinson
  10. Vicki Kawaguchi
  11. Reese Worthington
  12. Sidney Weber
  13. Ashely Weber
  14. Angela Delvecchio
  15. Marky Dubois
  16. Pablo Sanchez
  17. Jorge Garcia
  18. Ernie Steele
  19. Kiesha Phillips