Undercover Cops

Undercover Cops was an arcade game developed by Irem in 1992. It was ported to the Super Famicom in 1995, and was planned for a US SNES release that never materialized.


Undercover Cops is an Arcade brawler from Irem that was released exclusively in Japan. It was ported to the Super Famicom in 1995, and while this version is also Japan-exclusive, there was a North American version that was planned but cancelled. The Arcade version was later released for Mac and Pc as part of the Irem Arcade Hits.

The player, as one of three specialist cops referred to as "City Sweepers", must clean up the mean streets of a near-future New York of its thugs and mutants.

In addition to standard attacks and improvised weapons found in the environment, each character has a strong and special attack which drains health whenever they are used. They are best employed for crowd control, where the player might otherwise be surrounded and overwhelmed.

Many of the developers who created the Arcade version for Irem would later leave to form their own company, Nazca Corporation, which would create the Metal Slug games among others. Undercover Cops was successful enough to spawn a manga adaptation and a spin-off for Game Boy: Undercover Cops: Hakaishin Garumaa.


  • Matt Gables: An American ex-football player who became a cop after being cleared of a murder accusation. He is the most powerful, but slowest character. His nickname is "Fire Ball Crusher".
  • Zan Takahara: A Japanese karateka and the game's all-rounder character. His nickname is "Lightning Slasher".
  • Rosa Felmonde: The token female, Rosa is the fastest character and hails from England. She became a policewoman after her lover was murdered. Her nickname is "Blue Gale Revenger".