The Black Mirror

A point & click adventure game that details the death of William Gordon, and his grandsons attempts to solve the mystery behind his supposed suicide.


The Black Mirror is a point & click adventure game developed by Future Games for the PC. Future games received help on the project from three independent Czech contractors, they were credited on the game under the label Unknown Identity. The game revolves around the death of William Gordon and his grandsons interest in discovering the true source of his death. The Black Mirror features over 100 locations to explore and 23 characters to interact with during its six chapters.


When his grandfather, William, is found impaled on a wrought-iron fence after seemingly having jumped to his death, Samuel Gordon is lured back to his family's ancestral home Black Mirror Manor. As a scion of the ancient Gordon clan, Samuel is no stranger to Gordon clan's mysterious family legends. His grandfather had locked himself away in a tower to research the Gordon family's history, he may have been a kook. Yet, Samuel is unconvinced that his grandfather's death was suicide and must explore Black Mirror Manor and the town of Willow Creek to solve this nightmarish mystery and get to the bottom of William's death.