Spore Origins

A mobile version of Spore; this version limits to one phase of life and is much shorter in length


Spore Origins is a portable version of the PC hit, Spore.This mobile version differs greatly from its PC brother. The biggest difference is limit to only live in the first stage of life. Unlike the full version of Spore, the main game is roughly an hour long, and divided into 18 separate sections, with the player attacking and eating other organisms while avoiding being eaten by superior ones. Movement is achieved by pressing the phone keys in ordinal directions; iPods use the touch wheel while iPhone players may use the accelerometer. However, a new update to Spore Origins was released which allowed owners of the 4th Generation iPod Nano to use the inbuilt accelerometer, just like the iPhone.

Lite Version

A lite version of Spore Origins was released to the App Store for the iPhone OS. The lite version is a scaled down version and limitis the player to one level and limited customization of the the created creature.

Download Spore Origins Full Game