Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier

Endless Frontier is a spin-off of the Super Robot Taisen series. It is unlike other games in the series as this is solely a turn based RPG.


The battle system is a timing and turn based battle system that is similar to previous Super Robot Taisen games. Outside of battle the play decides the combo that is to be done during battle. For instance, a Player decides to alternate between 2 styles of combo attacks. Then every time the attack button is pressed the character will initiate the next combo that has been set. The key to the combat is timing the button press and attack with keeping the enemy airborne. The turns are decided by basic speed stats where the character with the higher speed goes first. Once the turn has been initiated A character can do up to 5 combo attacks. The player can then press a button to switch to the next characters turn mid attack, as a sort of interruption. The character that then joins in begins their sets of combo attacks, once again having a full 5. The game also contains Special moves which when activated they cancel all actions then proceed to make a very flashy and powerful move. The damage is also concurrent with the number of the combo. The longer the player keeps the enemy in the air the more damage each attack will do.

New combo attacks and special moves are unlocked with progression.


  • Multiple Worlds
  • Mechas controllable via the player
  • Unique Battle System

Characters & Mechs


Haken BrowningKaguya Nanbu
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Aschen BrödelSuzuka-Hime
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KOS-MOSReiji Arisu
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  • Shuten
  • Katze Kotolnos
  • Kaldia Basirissa
  • Otone
  • Ezel Granada
  • Henne Valkyria
  • Kyon Feulion
  • Anne Sirena
  • Bonny Maxmad
  • T-elos


  • Gespenst
  • Alt Eisen Nacht
  • Weiss Ritter Abend
  • Jyaki-GUN-Oh
  • ArkGain
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