2 Moons is free MMORPG with brutal amounts of gore and grinding. Developed by Acclaim Games.

2moons was released Q4 2007, with beta testing leading up to its release. There have been two expansion packs released for this free MMO.

Character Classes

Bagi Warrior

Characterized as a tank basically. The Bagi are a male class, and have self-buffs, combos, and knockbacks.

Azure Knight

The Azure Knights are the most versatile class, only dependent on the type of weapon you equip on him.


The Segnale is a female class, based on effect spells, such as buffing parties, and are mostly used as the healer.

Incar Magician

Another female class, is based on elemental spells.

Segita Hunter

A female hunter, they specialize in archery; long range combat, and short range.

Vicious Summoner

A male class, that summons creatures.


A female class, based on melee combat.